Body Changes

Retirement is not the only thing that happens at a certain time of life.

Our body also does some interesting – and not always helpful – things too.

But once we understand what aging does to our body, we can take action to reduce its impact and make the most of our after-work life.

With age –

  • Our skin become looser and drier
  • Our muscles become smaller and weaker
  • Our metabolic rate – the speed at which our body burns calories – becomes slower, so we can more easily gain weight
  • Our eyesight becomes less sharp – though I think God is really kind about that because we can’t see our wrinkles so easily
  • Our memory can fail us in a variety of ways

None of this can be avoided. But there are ways to slow it down, if we make the lifestyle changes and adopt healthy habits that will keep us youthful. And even if it might have been better to take preventative action a decade or two sooner, it is never too late to begin. The key things are exercise and weight loss.

  • Exercise

    When you were younger you were more physically active, even without thinking about it. Just keeping life and a family going gave your muscles a great workout without being anywhere near a gym. If you played sport then so much the better. But that has now changed with your age.

    Getting fitter through a regular activity you enjoy is the most effective, youth-giving, medicine you could ever have. Exercise helps prevent a multitude of health conditions as well as aches and pains, gives you more energy and helps your body be more efficient. And it does wonders for your heart, the engine room of your body. To let me show you how – click here.

  • Weight loss

    With age comes weight for almost everyone. There is also a natural tendency for our body to head south as we get older. The waist thickens, breasts droop, tummies become bigger, bottoms sag.

    You may not be eating very differently from in the past. But because your body is now burning fewer calories and you are moving about less, weight gain is almost inevitable unless you take action. Right now you may be walking around carrying extra weight that’s the equivalent of your holiday suitcase. Lose it and you will feel years younger very quickly. To let me show you how – click here.

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The word retirement is not even in the Bible. What is taught in scripture is transition. There is nothing that says you work most of your life and then get to be selfish for the next 20 years"

Rick Warren, PurposeDrivenLife