Whether you choose to hit the buffers with an ‘it’s over’ bang, or finesse into your new status over time, it is still all about change.

Perhaps you’ve been champing at the bit to be ‘after work’ for seemingly for ever, ready to relish and cherish your new freedom. But the issue of change is still a reality – for you and those dear to you.

So don’t be surprised if you find yourself facing things like:

  • Managing your time – the balance between being driven and driving others mad
  • Stress – one of retirement’s most surprising outcomes
  • Loss of status – too often a subtle companion to a P45

And spare a thought for those impacted by the change that has come to you. Is there someone inwardly, or outwardly, asking how they can get you out from under their feet?

In which case, check out – Family.

You may not want to change your new situation for the world. But don’t miss the ways this change is impacting you.

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The word retirement is not even in the Bible. What is taught in scripture is transition. There is nothing that says you work most of your life and then get to be selfish for the next 20 years"

Rick Warren, PurposeDrivenLife