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From right where you are it is possible to change the lives of those from some of the world’s poorest communities.

This is thanks to the many reputable and effective agencies waiting to use your time and talents.


  • Lifting Children Out of Poverty

    To give you an example, David and Esther Wood, from Surrey and in their mid-70s, have a goal to see 1,000 children released from poverty by finding them sponsors. They are doing so through Compassion UK’s volunteer network – through which they have already sponsor 9 children themselves.

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    You don’t have to be as ambitious as this, but you can still do something. Compassion UK have ways to use your talents and interests to work in ways that are fulfilling and life-changing. And they offer comprehensive resources and training guides to help you make the most of your time and passion.

    Ally Harris with her sponsored child Happiness in Tanzania
    Ally Harris with her sponsored child Happiness in Tanzania

    This also includes going to meet the children whose lives you are helping change. As did Ally Harris, a semi-retired registered general nurse. She sponsors 4 children through Compassion UK, including Happyness, a 13 year old Tanzanian girl.

    Last year, as part of a Compassion Insight Trip, Ali met Happyness and recalls, ‘Nothing can prepare for the moment you first see your sponsored child and then your first hug’.

    Ally uses that experience as she encourages others to change the lives of poor children when taking part in events, exhibitions and talks to small and large groups.

  • Giving Poor Communities a Better Future

    Many agencies that work internationally offer roles for volunteers in the UK. An example is Tearfund, with which offers a Tearfund Speaker programme with training and opportunities to speak on their behalf and so generate understanding and support.

    Like many other agencies, they can also use your career skills experience and knowledge. This involves opportunities at their head office. And can involve as much or as little time as you wish. Their information on volunteering roles are here.

    One such volunteer is Steve Goddard, a long-time supporter of Tearfund. As he approached retirement from his background in Project Management and Implementation in IT Software Development, Steve enquired of Tearfund if they could use his skills in strategy, analysis, pastoral care, and prayer support.

    As a result, Steve now supports some of the strategy work in Tearfund’s networks and contributes to the effectiveness of relations with Tearfund partners. He’s also been able to support their Inspired Individuals Team, by providing pastoral care to partners in Kenya.

    Steve Goddard

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